Wednesday, April 14, 2010

list 8 - things I always pack when going on a trip

1. spare BlackBerry charger - that little smart phone is priceless when it comes to Google maps, restaurant reviews and killing time standing in line on Facebook.

2. camera - but not always my big camera. Sometimes the little point and shoot will do the trick for the whole trip. Only a few times have I kicked myself for not hauling around the nice one (usually at night when I need something that can handle a high ISO).

3. deodorant - clearly, of course I pack it. Yet, it seems to always be the last thing I pack and the one thing I always almost forget.

4. travel journal - I always take it with grand plans of writing in it every evening to document that day's adventures. And almost never write in it until after the trip is over.

5. travel-sized alarm clock - I just got a new one because the other one had the worst back light ever and you could never see it when it was dark. I'm pretty excited about this new one. You twist the knob to adjust to the time zone. That little knob has given me about 20 additional places I want to visit (Cairo, anyone?).

Anyway, a travel alarm clock is a must since I must know what time it is when I'm sleeping and often, the alarm clock in hotel is on the wrong side of the bed.

Oh, and my new one doubles as a flashlight, which is always handy.

6. flip flops - because you never know how disgusting the floor of your hotel room might be.

7. comfy tee-shirt and knit capri pants - because you never know how disgusting the sheets in your hotel room might be/you don't want to make that late night snack run to your grandmother's kitchen in your skivvies.

Also, when you're traveling back from Vegas on a five hour flight and you're really tired, you might feel compelled to change in the airport when you see an entire bachelorette party of girls wearing the knit capri's and tee-shirts and looking way comfier (and thinner, and taller, and more beautiful) than you.

8. way too much reading material - usually at least two books and I start hording the magazines I subscribe to about two months before a trip (I get six on a monthly basis, so...). I usually end up reading one or two of the magazines and maybe a few pages of the book. I spend the rest of the time worrying that the plane is going to crash.

9. the same "carry-on bag" for each type of trip - I always take my small purple rolling suitcase (which I can expertly pack up to a week of clothes in) and have my designated "personal item," depending on the type of trip. Barbados? Always a large black and white print bag that I WISH had a zipper top. It doubles as a beach bag when we're there and the matching coin purse doubles as a purse/wallet. Short flight/short trip? A black leather purse that is roomy enough to fit several magazines and my one quart baggie of liquids in. Longer trip/need more room? Purple shoulder bag that you can cram way too much stuff in, thus making it super heavy. But it matches my suitcase and fits under the seat in front of me.

10. my bag o' liquids and my bag o' non-liquids - the Feds were really onto something with this one quart baggie thing. Turns out that size is perfect for carrying all your liquid toiletries in one bag. A second one quart baggie makes a nice carrying case for non-liquid makeup, band aids, razor, toothbrush, earrings, etc. Of course, some of you may say "don't you have a makeup bag?! What about if you're traveling too long for the trial size items to be enough?" My answer: 1. have you seen me? I rarely wear much makeup, and 2. I have yet to travel anywhere where I couldn't get what I needed at a local drug store. Sure, it may not be the brand I'm used to. Sure, it may be in a foreign language. Sure, it may make me break out into minty hives. But it has always been there. I suppose that when I travel to a developing country, this may not be the case. But I don't think the people there will really care if I don't have product in my hair (since I don't 99% of the time anyway).

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