Tuesday, August 28, 2007

And... some incriminating photos of Christina

You knew they were coming!

Not incriminating, but a great picture of Matt and Brian at dinner!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Finally... some incriminating photos of Brad!

Brad and the guys obviously had a great time Saturday night! Thanks to Matt for supplying the photo's and being the designated driver. After dinner at Buca with the girls, the guys headed to GameWorks for some video game fun and then to Skye Bar for drinks and dancing.

The brother's air hockey competition... but does it count if you've both had a few beers?


Brad returns home in one piece after a long night... at 2:05am... and gives everyone hugs ;)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

BBQ and Pedi's

Last weekend, Brad and I traveled to Ohio for my bridal shower and our respective bachelor and bachelorette get togethers. On Friday evening, my Maid of Honor and her fiance Mike threw us a BBQ in the back yard of their cute house. Thanks Gena and Mike!

Christina salutes with a hot dog, while Brad fills his plate with mac and cheese

Cutting our OSU cake... Brad is saying "Should cutting a cake really be this hard? I hope it's not this hard at the wedding."

Cake successfully cut
Brad plays nice

Christina... not so nice

Brad: "I thought we agreed not to smash cake in each other's face?"
Christina: "That only applies to the actual wedding reception!"

Christina cleaning up the damage. Brad was an incredibly good sport.

On Saturday afternoon, the girl's went for pedicures and out to lunch.
Laura and Christina catch up on their celebrity gossip while their toes dry

The pedi girls - Rachel, Christina and Laura (minus Gena, who took the picture!)
I will upload pictures from the crazy dinner at Buca and my bridal shower when I get them. Thanks for a great weekend everyone!!!

Saturday, August 4, 2007


At 2am this morning, I woke up and picked up my Blackberry to see if the House had adjourned or I had gotten anything about today's schedule. Nothing. Try to go back to sleep. At 8am I got up and picked my Blackberry up off the nightstand to check the House schedule. They start at 9am. 30 minutes to enjoy some non-C-SPAN.

C-SPAN goes on the TV at 9am.
Eat breakfast = C-SPAN.
Get showered and dressed = C-SPAN.
Head out with Brad to go to Target = C-SPAN Radio.
Walking through Target = wishing I had a portable TV to watch C-SPAN.
Driving to lunch = C-SPAN Radio.
Lunch = again wishing for that portable TV.
Driving from Target to our new place = C-SPAN Radio.
Unpacking boxes and organizing the new place = C-SPAN.

Finally I leave Brad at 6:00pm to come into work and I think he very happily turned C-SPAN OFF the television!

I will be glad to leave work in a little bit, get in my car, and turn off C-SPAN!

Happy August Recess!!!!