Monday, August 10, 2009

A little technology vacation

Taking a little technology vacation for a few weeks... see you in September!
I promise lots of exciting pictures from our travels and the promise of more travels coming up in the next few months!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Five for Friday

1. I have been a bad blogger this week. I've been working to edit our honeymoon pictures, all 1300 of them. My hope is that I can actually have them done and in an album by the two year anniversary of our honeymoon this fall :)

2. Are you an opera fan? Wednesday evening I went to see a broadcast of "The Magic Flute" at the AMC theater. It was a great production, full of neat camera angles and behind-the-scenes shot. Apparently they do this several times throughout the year, so if you're an opera fan, check it out!

3. Two weeks from right now, Brad and I will be sailing away on our eight-day Carnival cruise. My only requirement for a vacation this summer was a place with a chair and a book, and a Caribbean cruise seemed the perfect way achieve that. We are both really looking forward to the break and being "off the grid" for a week.

4. The weather here is absolutely gorgeous here today. Blue skies, low humidity, nice breeze. It feels more like October than August. Hopefully it shall continue!

5. If you appreciate good photography, check out the blog of my good friend and extremely talented photographer Erin Conrad. If you ever find yourself in the Tulsa area, contact this Dr. Pepper drinking, Oklahoma loving, photographer extraordinaire!