Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Grand Turk

What is that you say? Our vacation was almost a month ago and you still haven't seen many pictures? I know, I know... tisk, tisk. But when you see how gorgeous Grand Turk was, you will wish that today wasn't the first day of fall!

just lounging around by the shops

found a nice chair in the shade
gorgeous view from previously mentioned chairthe little white dot with the hat on is Brad... pre-cruise tan!
thought this was pretty darn funny
after a morning of beaching, we decided to lounge on the balcony a bit...
...this was our view

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Jake Jacob said...

You make me envious!
We were there on the maiden voyage.
We lived on North Caicos for two years and are now moving to Middle Caicos. If you ever need help or questions answered let me know.
Jake Jacob