Saturday, April 10, 2010

Happy Birthday, my love!

I talk a fair amount about Brad on here. It's because he is

the love of my life...

the center of my world...

the putter-upper with all my ridiculousness.

He has the sweetest soul of anyone I've ever met. He schleps my camera stuff around, gets up early in the morning for sunrise shots, makes funny faces, doesn't roll his eyes too much when I start planning another trip and is generally an all around great guy.

He feels most at home on a jet-ski...
(in Barbados)

on the putt-putt golf course...
(in Chicago)

or at Cedar Point.

He dresses up quite well...
(Caribbean cruise on the Carnival Pride)

but can be goofy on a moments notice.

He hugs trees...
(Bainbridge Island, Washington)

and lounges on them.
(Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos)

He loves his black coffee...
(in Starbucks first store in Seattle)

mostly because it helps him stay awake on all the flights I drag him on.
(flying to Seattle)

Happy Birthday, my love!

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Erin Conrad said...

That was such a sweet post!