Thursday, September 10, 2009

Saturday - Cruising with Hurricane Bill

(I know, our vacation was like three weeks ago, but I thought you'd still appreciate pictures!)

Saturday was our first day at sea on the boat. Luckily, we had a friend along - Hurricane Bill, about 300 miles to our east. We enjoyed rolling along Bill's 15 foot swells, which kept the boat rocking pretty heavily back and forth from front to back. It didn't really make you sea sick, it was just a very interesting feeling!

We got up to see the sunrise over the Atlantic, which was absolutely amazing (see my post below). Sitting on the balcony, out in the middle of the water with nothing around, and seeing the world light up... absolutely worth getting up at 6:15am! We spent most of the day hanging out by the pool relaxing, or sitting on the balcony (a godsend!) reading. Saturday evening was the first formal night, which we got all dressed up for. Brad wore his tux and I used the opportunity to get a new dress. We also had our first dinner in the formal dining room, where we got to experience Carnival's famous warm chocolate melting cakes. We definitely give them a thumb's up!
chugging along through the ocean
lounging on the Lido Deck
blue, blue Atlantic water
cool reflections in the front of the ship
sporting the farmer's tan!
the first of many hours enjoying the balcony
our friend, Hurricane Bill
formal night lovin' (opted for the self photo over the $22 8x10 that the professional took!)

warm chocolate melting cake awesomeness
thumb's up to melting cakes!

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