Monday, April 5, 2010

Make-up Monday: Five for Friday

1. Sorry I didn't "Five for Friday" on Friday. See, it was just a crazy busy day.

First I worked out with my personal trainer.
Then I had to clean the house like a mad woman because my Dad was coming into town.
Then I had to take a short nap.
Then I had to pick him up at the airport.
Then I had to let him take me to lunch (mmmm... thai!).
Then I had to do a little shopping with him.
Then I had to pick Brad up at the Metro and drop him off at church for Good Friday Mass.
Then I had to drop Dad off at his hotel.
Then I had to take our car to get the oil change.
Then I had to twirl around outside because the weather was so nice.
Then I had to go to dinner with two of my bestest boys. But the first place we went hardly had any fish on the menu. So we had to go to another place. Where we ended up dining outside in the beautiful evening air and having awesome food.
Then I had to fall exhausted into bed.

2. I have decided that I have a special place in my heart for the tourists riding Metro this spring break season. You all have really outdone yourselves this year. Last week during my commute:

- a guy broke up with his girlfriend on the train on the way to the airport*

- a momma tourist decided that a crowded train at rush hour was the perfect time to teach her four year old tourist daughter to read. "The... cat... walked... down... the... ro-...oad.. to... the..." Momma tourists apparently forgot that four year olds learning to read only have one volume: loud.

- a tourist family with no less than six tourist children stood right by the doors on a crowded train at rush hour, refusing to let those of us who know how to follow the rules ("When boarding, please move to the center of the car.") through

- countless tourists families could not figure out that their mobile phones do not work in the tunnels and thought that if they spoke louder, perhaps a satellite would come into the tunnel and make their cell phone pick up a signal.

- my personal favorite: tourist woman sits down next to innocent commuter across the aisle and starts complaining loudly about, well, everything. Innocent commuter actually listens (psychiatrist perhaps?) and upon getting off at our stop, turns to me and says "I have no idea who that woman was, she just sat down and started complaining!"**

*they may have been locals. Still worth including on the list, if you ask me.
** this may be tied for first with the soldier who got off at my stop after being babbled at by a ten-ish year old the whole ride and said "that kid wouldn't shut up the whole way!"

3. On a more positive note, we had a lovely Easter. It was extremely low-key, which is about the best thing in the world.

4. We saw an amazing show at the Kennedy Center on Saturday afternoon. Tyne Daly playing the original opera diva, Maria Callas, in Terrance McNally's "Master Class." It was fantastic. Really, not enough adjectives to describe it. The acting was great, the writing was stupendous and the opera singing was tear-inducing. Makes me super excited to go see the real opera at the end of the month! And thanks to Dad for springing for tickets and having the idea. It's a production we almost certainly would have skipped. And that would have been a shame.

5. This Friday's Five for Friday will probably be postponed as well. We'll be traveling to celebrate Brad's birthday... the secret location has been revealed to him... but I'll keep it a secret a little longer :)

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