Monday, July 6, 2009

Five for... Monday?

Better late than never!!

1. I had last Thursday and Friday off of work. It was heaven. Whoever decided that we should work five days and get two days off was absolutely nuts!

2. Thursday was all around a great day. I hung around in the morning, watching SportsCenter and generally being lazy. In the afternoon, I went into Old Town and got a pedicure at my favorite place, did a little clearance section shopping at Ann Taylor Loft (bought my first yellow shirt!) and enjoyed a causal afternoon of strolling the brick streets. Once Brad got home from work, we went to our favorite neighborhood place for dinner, Monroe's. Afterward we were going to go for a neighborhood walk, but got a call that Dad, who was coming in for the weekend, got on an earlier flight, so we scrapped that idea. While we were killing time until we had to head to the airport, we decided to do some bowling. Yes, very random! The bowling center by us has "all you can bowl" from 9pm - midnight during the week, so we popped in for two games. We both did miserable :) After we picked Dad up from the airport, we popped by Hard Times Cafe so he could have dinner and I finished my day off with a brownie sundae. YUM!

3. So, yes, Dad was in town for the long weekend. It was a super fun, laid back, casual visit. And he cooked a whole bunch for us, which is always awesome!

4. Instead of going to see fireworks on Saturday night, we went to dinner and saw a movie. Somehow "dinner and a movie" feels just as American as fireworks, yet it was so much less crowded!

5. Last night, we went out to WolfTrap, this amazing outdoor amphitheater run by the National Parks Department, to see Glydis Knight in concert. We sat out on the big lawn and had watermelon and grooved to her beat. It was so much fun and the weather was perfect - an upper 60's, crisp, cool summer evening.

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