Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Every year, the Washington Post has an annual diarama contest every Easter, which challenges readers to make interesting diarama's using Peeps candy. It's an absolute hoot and I am always amazed at the creative things that people come up with.

This year, they displayed many of the diaramas at Artomatic, so you could check out the great work up close and personal. My absolute favorite was called "Please Peep to the Right." Probably only Washingtonians, or other mass transit riders will understand this, but when you ride the Metro here, there is an unwritten rule that if you're going to stand on the escalator, you stand to the right, so people can walk up or down on the left side. Since it's an unwritten rule, many tourists stand to the left, completely unaware that they're now blocking the way of hurried commuters who aren't too lazy to walk up 15 escalator stairs. The awesome diarama makers capitalized on this perfectly:

Look at that detail! From the Peep with its nose burried in the Metro map, to the fellow tourist Peep in the FBI shirt to the angry eyebrows on the other Peeps. That's probably my favorite part - the angry Peep eyebrows!

Check out some of the other fantastic displays:

Goodnight Peep - complete with bowl full of mush!"As Seen on Peep TV" - how many seen infomercial products can you count?

"Double Peep Strike" - complete with Captain Sully!

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