Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fun weekend

I don't really have any pictures to show for it (sorry Megan!), but last weekend was really fun. It was our first weekend in three weeks without parents in town, so we knew it was going to be mega R&R. I just didn't anticipate the fun factor.

Friday night after work, we headed down to Artomatic, to tear down my display. Thanks to our cordless drill (which my father said I'd never get any use out of... HA!), that was a quick and painless process and we were soon on our way, art in hand and officially done with the show. We went home to change, before heading just down the street to a restaurant called Fireflies, that has live music on most evening's. That evening a singer names Celeste Starchild (apparently her actual name), who I had heard at Artomatic, was performing. So, we shared a whole wheat crust pizza and a salad, sipped a Magic Hat #9 (an awesome pale ale for those of you unfamiliar) and enjoyed her music.

Saturday was errands running day, with nice little pockets of fun tucked in. While Brad was at his morning spinning class, I walked up to the UPS Store to ship some art out to those who had purchased stuff from me through Artomatic and hit up the local coffee shop for an iced decaf and a chocolate croissant. In the afternoon, we had a lovely patio lunch and picked up some suits Brad had tailored. On the way home, we stopped by the Dairy Godmother for a little sorbet. I'm proud to say that I loved this neighborhood institution long before Obama made it fashionable!

Soon enough it was time to get ready for dinner and fireworks (yes fireworks, on the 11th of July. I shall explain...). Prior to heading to dinner, we stopped by a favorite local place, the Evening Star Cafe, to toast a friend's 30th birthday. Next door the wine store, Planet Wine, had this awesome advertisement in the window!We had dinner at one of our favorite French bistro's in Alexandria, Bastille, where they were running a "Celebrate the Revolutions" (that would be the American and French) three course price fixed special. I had some yummy steak frites and a to die for chocolate cake for dessert. After dinner, we walked down to the Alexandria waterfront and watched the fireworks. We are special in Alexandria and don't do fireworks on the 4th of July. Why would you when 1. there's no way you could compete with DC and 2. Alexandria's birthday is the week after! Since we didn't see fireworks on the 4th, we were pretty jazzed to see these. However, I only have one pathetic picture to show for it:
Next year, now that we've found a good place to watch them, I shall be prepared with tripod, good camera, remote, etc, etc!!

Sunday... hmmm... less exciting. BUT with a Saturday that good, can you really expect a great Sunday as well?

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