Friday, July 31, 2009

Five for Friday

1. Last Saturday, Brad and I went to see one of our favorite country singers, Brad Paisley, in concert at an outdoor amphitheater sort of near us. It's our fourth year in a row seeing him, and he always puts on such a fun show. Despite the pouring rain, lightning, and generally chilly weather, he did not disappoint. It is actually our first year of seeing him and having anything but perfect weather, so I can't complain. Dierks Bentley was his opening act and also did not disappoint.

2. The weather in D.C. has been so odd this summer. All of May and June were cool, with two weeks of rain, and the rest of the time being gorgeous. Now the D.C. weather gods have returned to their usual summertime selves and it's hot and sticky out. The only time it seems to rain is when we have outdoor plans, like softball (rained out for the third week in a row on Wednesday). Go figure!

3. Tuesday evening I was able to meet up with an old friend (as in we haven't seen each other in a while, she's not old!) and chat all about the one year anniversary trip she and her husband took to Spain last fall. She was so nice to answer all my questions and she really got me jazzed up to begin planning our trip, despite the fact that it's still over a year away. Thanks Katy!

4. So, yes, I have convinced Brad that we should go on a two week trip to Spain next fall. I am BEYOND excited. We're still trying to figure out exactly where we want to go, but we know that any trip will include Barcelona and Madrid (because we love the former and have never been to the later). SO EXCITED!

5. In travels actually in this calendar year, we have to travel to Minneapolis in October for my great-grandmother's 100th birthday, which happens to be the weekend before our wedding anniversary. I'm thinking about tacking a small three day trip onto that weekend to celebrate our anniversary, but we can't figure out where to go. As long as we're not at work, I don't really care! ;)

Happy weekend all!

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Mindy said...

Spain...I'm so jealous!