Wednesday, May 5, 2010

list 10 - things I don't like

(yes, yes, I know I missed last week... bad blogger, bad blogger...)

1. When People Create Problems That They Can't Fix - like, oh I dunno, giant gushing oil pipelines that threaten to ruin my pretty Gulf of Mexico.

I readily admit to being one of those "Drill, Baby Drill" types, totally supportive of off-shore drilling and realize the huge economic benefit to the entire country. I even got excited last year on our cruise when, off the coast of North Carolina, we saw an actual oil platform (see below).

I believe this is my 2+ years of working with Oklahomans rubbing off, BTW.

Anyway, what shocks me about this situation is that for all the smarts out there, people just stand idly by as 40,000 gallons of oil a day gushes into that beautiful thing called the Gulf of Mexico. I know, I know, they're not sitting idly by, they're building some giant, never attempted at this depth before contraption to trap the oil - totally amused by that - but it seems like BP should be doing something, ANYTHING.

Because if my Gulf-coast beaches get messed up, I am going to be super pissed.

Because I have spent a lot of time convincing people that they are superior to the Florida east coast beaches. Which they are. Even though I'm headed to an east coast beach this weekend. Sssshhh... don't tell the Gulf.

2. Lima Beans.
I am an equally opportunity veggie lover. Brussel sprouts? Love em. Asparagus? Obsession. Green beans? Mega yum. Sweet corn? Well, more of a starch than a vegetable, but the highlight of the summer regardless. Lima beans? Can't stand them. It's something about the texture... just can't deal with the slimy interior.

3. Flying.
I know what you're thinking 'You're a travel photographer. You travel like 11 out of 12 months of the year. Air travel seems critical to your success in life.'

And it is, which is why I continue to get on airplanes. But that doesn't mean I can't hate every minute of it. I am so envious of those who can leisurely sit there, reading their Wall Street Journal as we barrel down the runway at 9 million miles per hour and I say 40 "Hail Mary's" and "Our Father's" while pulling a death grip on the seat/Brad. Maybe I'll be one of those people one day. But I doubt it. For now, I'll just continue to spend the 45 minute/2 hour/4 hour/8 hour flight staring out the window, worried the wing is going to fall off (irrational much?).

4. The Kindle/E-Reader/Nook/Sony Reader/etc.
I love reading. I read like no one's business, often with three books going at once. But part of the reason that I love reading is that it's so low-tech. Pick up book. Read. Flip page. Repeat. There's no screen to look at, no button to turn on, no battery to charge. Now I know the die-hard e-readers are saying "But it's great! I don't have to lug three books and 40 magazines on vacation with me any more! No more carrying a book on the Metro! All just right there on a computer screen." But really, how many more hours a day do I have to stare at a screen? Computer, BlackBerry, cell phone, television. Too. Many. Screens. Now just let me read my book in peace (we won't even talk about the feeling of holding a good ol' fashioned newspaper in your hands).

5. Shoes that appear comfortable, but by the end of the day, they're awful.
This actually applies to about 90% of my shoes (fortunately, not the ones I'm wearing today). Remember this post a while back about how much in love I was with my new shoes?

I cannot vouch for the first pair, since I haven't worn them yet, so I hold out high hopes.

The second pair - the cute croc flats? HORRIBLE. Huge blisters no matter how many times I wear them.

The third pair? Appear to be great. Wore them to work yesterday actually. I was crying by the time I got home. Appearances are deceiving, evil toe pinchers!

The fourth pair? Can't even walk through the house in them.

What's the deal? Why were these shoes all comfortable when I tried them on in the store? It's a secret plan put together by the shoe industry... grrr....

There are many other things I don't like - loud talkers on the Metro, people who chew gum (or food) loudly, aggressive driving, chronic tardiness - but one of the biggest thing I don't like are people who complain, so I shall stop here :)

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Callie said...

I like your lists, and this one was excellent. I am nodding in agreement.