Friday, May 21, 2010

Five for Friday

1. So, as planned, my brother David arrived this morning (unfortunately one of his bags did not, thanks United. It was not very comforting when the guy at the baggage office said "Are you sure it's not out there [on the belt]?" Um, yes.). But anyway, it's great to have him back on U.S. soil and I'm sure he's sound asleep and exhausted from traveling for, literally, over 24 hours.

Oh, and his reaction to my sign: "Wow... um, did you make that?" Clearly, my artistic ability won him over.

2. Tonight, Brad and I are going to hear a talk by Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert. I AM SO EXCITED!! (sorry about the caps... I get a little excited talking about this) I just finished Bourdain's book and, well, I love to eat, so it just seems like the perfect thing to do. Too bad it means ditching my brother his first night back in the U.S. :)

3. Tomorrow night, we are ditching him again and heading to see Brad Paisley in concert. This is actually our fifth year in a row seeing him, as he seems to tour pretty much all the time (I'm sure his wife (who was the daughter from the "Father of the Bride" series!) is loving that, since they have two little ones). It's always a fun time and maybe we'll get lucky this year and it won't 1. rain and 2. have nightmare-ish traffic (but I'm not holding my breath). Check out this photo I dug up from the 2006 concert - scary!
4. So, as you saw, last Saturday's trek up to NYC and back was indeed successful. It was such a great day, spent leisurely strolling through the Henri Cartier-Bresson exhibit at MoMA, having a nice leisurely lunch at La Bonne Soupe on W. 55th Street and enjoying a leisurely few hours in relaxing in Central Park, reading and journaling. The overall theme for the visit: leisure.

5. Dunno much else, my brain is fried from being up all night checking the status of my brother's flights (yes, the neuroses about flying extends beyond just when I'm the one traveling).

Bon le weekend!

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