Wednesday, May 19, 2010

list 12 - blogs I read every day

I actually have a pretty extensive list on my blog reader, many of which I just skim through on a daily basis. But I really look forward to reading updates from these 12 blogs...

(in no particular order)

1. Mary Kate McKenna (my wedding photographer) and 2. Jamie Windon (aka the Blonde Photographer) - two extraordinary D.C.-based wedding/event/awesome-ness photographers

3. Erin Conrad - a former colleague and one heck of a talented photographer who has a love for her state of Oklahoma like nothing I've ever seen

4. The Pioneer Woman - duh. Because she is awesome.

5. Rockstar Diaries - D.C. residents with the best writing style and the cutest little bulldog

6. Young House Love - a great DIY interior design blog. They're also brand new parents!

7. Bakerella - because if I could bake like her, I would never work again. An AMAZING blog full of yummy things

8. The Big Picture - most photographers will tell you that what they're doing with photography over at the Boston Globe is pretty amazing.

9. Ciao, Chessa - another great photography and art blog. A mom-to-be and New Yorker who always has unique pictures of the Big Apple.

10. The Travel Photographer - interesting commentary on photography and world travel. He have gone to some amazing places to shoot and I admire his style of street shooting/photojournalism.

11. Fresh Brownies - a great style blog. Because if I was young, tall and thin, this is how I would dress ;)

12. Stuck at the Airport - travel columnist Harriet Baskas's fascinating blog about all things travel (she also writes a weekly blog on called The Well-Mannered Traveler, which I adore).

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