Monday, March 15, 2010

oops, forgot something

So, clearly when I made my list last week of "all the necessities in life," I forgot something big. I think it's because I haven't made a new purchase in this arena in a while. But Friday and Saturday were flooded with new purchases and my heart is just soaring. From what you ask?


Some recent purchases...

There's these (perhaps my favorites):

Which make me ready for summer (or another trip to Barbados) to be here NOW. Like literally now. I spent all Friday afternoon wearing them around the house with my jeans rolled up... and my sweater on. You can find them at Land's End for a bargain basement price. (the only bummer? The super cute green is sold out in my size)

They make my heart sing.

Then, there's these:
Which make me want it to stop raining so I can wear them SO badly. The best part? They're insanely comfortable. And, people look at the detailing on the toe:

Fantastic. Precious. Comfortable. Perfect. They're also from Land's End.

So those arrived from the nice UPS man on Friday (thank goodness I had the day off of work so I could be there to meet their arrival!)**. Then came Saturday night's I'm-bored-lets-go-to-Target-and-see-how-much-random-crap-we-can-waste-money-on shopping trip. The result? Two additional pairs of beauties.

There's these:
I about died/did a happy dance right in the store over how ridiculously cute they are. I'm hoping the weather gods play nice and I can wear them for my birthday on Wednesday. Heck, even if there is 2' of snow on the ground, I still might wear them. Because I can.

Additionally, they're comfortable.

Additionally, my toes actually "peep" out of them, vs the majority of peep-toe shoes that they normally do not.

Additionally, they're fantastic.

As I said, you can get them at Target.

Finally, the last, functional, good ol' black work flat:

(these may not be the actual shoes, I'm not sure, but the actual ones look pretty darn close).

Love you functional black work flats that don't have holes so my feet won't get wet or cold.

So there you have it. My additional life's necessities. Pretty, comfortable, beautiful, prefect, budget-minded, footwear.

* This may be the girliest post I have ever written. Ever. I can't help it. I just love shoes SO much!
**I did not take the day off of work just because I knew new shoes were being delivered. I actually had no idea, I'm horrible about tracking packages. Which made the surprise all that much sweeter.

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Callie said...

I like your lists. This post totally makes me want to go buy new shoes. I just might have to do that in honor of your birthday. Happy Birthday!!