Thursday, May 21, 2009

Per Mark's request....

Florida vacation photos with sassy commentary :) (Captions are below the pictures)

Ahhhh yes, Friday night, post graduation party. This is a pretty cute photo, although my hair is doing something absolutely crazy.... just a massive amount of frizz going on.

Funny story about Friday night: after leaving our adult beverage establishment, a group of us went for a walk on the beach (along with half of the rest of Fort Lauderdale... apparently it's the "thing to do" there). Anyway, Mark had to use the rest room, so he popped into a CVS to ask to go. Those of us standing outside then saw him pull out his wallet, slam a pack of gum down on the counter and saunter off - clearly, they told him rest rooms were for customers only and made him buy something. Fast forward about 30 minutes, when nature came calling for me. I walked into CVS, smiled sweetly and asked the cashier if I could use the rest room. He handed me the key. Moral of the story: it pays to be a woman sometimes!

Mark and I "reflecting" at the beach. It really looks like we were having a much more deep, meaningful conversation than we were.
Growing up in Tampa, I have always been a sassy Gulf Coast girl. But you know what? The beach in Fort Lauderdale was gorgeous. The sand was soft, the waves were nice (HUGE the day we were there), it wasn't too crowded or touristy. Mark, you have made me an east coast girl - and yes, that's your heel in the lower right hand side :)
"Postcard" shot
Mark beaching and Men's Health-ing

view from lunch
Please excuse the minor male nudity, but there was no way I could leave the picture out. Only my good friend Mark gets ready to go out by brushing his teeth... with Dolce and Gabana sunglasses on :)
Fun night out in South Beach. We later found out that this bar has two locations: one in South Beach, one in DC at 14th and P - small world! That's Gail (Roy's friend who was in town from Gainesville), me and my sunburned right shoulder, Mark and Roy (Mark's friend from the gym)
P.S. my hair is not that big, although it was frizzy from the humidity... it's a shadow from the flash people!

1. I am excited to have this picture. This is the first decent picture (minus the one from my wedding) I have of Mark and I since the summer after our senior year of high school... and, yes, I realize that was nine years ago. Perhaps I can replace the one on my dresser from the last day of tenth grade with this one. Or not :) This picture makes me smile, it was such a great time!
2. Yes Dad, on my right leg is the corner of the Kenneth Cole purse you gave me for my birthday like 50 million years ago - it's my favorite going out bag!
3. A note about my shirt: I bought that shirt while killing time in Express, a store I never shop in, while Brad renewed his driver's license in the Springfield Mall DMV last December. I bought it, knowing it was going to be my "going out in South Beach" shirt, whenever it was that Mark and I were finally able to get a trip together. The Express bag hang off my closet door for months and last Saturday night, it finally made its appearance. And it was great :)

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