Friday, May 22, 2009

Five for Friday

1. I was supposed to have today off of work, but now I find myself sitting in the office trying to get out a press statement on a court case. No rest for those who work on the media team I suppose... :)

2. This week has been an amazing week at work. As you know, I work for the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, the advocacy affiliate of the American Cancer Society. While every day is rewarding, this week was rewarding times 500 million. On Tuesday, we flew 15 cancer survivors, some still in active treatment, and their caregivers into Washington, D.C. for two days. These are all people who have suffered severe financial hardships due to their cancer diagnosis, including having to file for bankruptcy and having hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical debt. One of the most inspiring stories for me personally was of Taylor, an 11 year old childhood leukemia survivor, who has reached her lifetime maximum on her parents insurance (the maximum amount your insurance will pay out over your entire life). This means she is going to struggle for the rest of her life to find adequate insurance and treat the side affects from her cancer treatments (like the double hip replacement she needs now in order to be able to properly walk again... too bad insurance won't pay for it). Yet, despite these set backs, she has the most amazing spirit and maturity and was an absolute joy to spend the afternoon with. Watch for her story, and the story of other patients, coming up in the next few weeks on the Today Show. Here's a picture of Taylor that a photographer from United Press International got at our press conference Wednesday afternoon... she's greeting Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro and that's her awesome mom Amy in the background taking a picture:

3. I have had the most random Bowling for Soup (yes, it's a band) song stuck in my head all day. I think it must be on my "commuting mix" on my ipod.

4. It's supposed to be beautiful here in D.C. this weekend. I'm looking forward to a long weekend of BBQ's, hanging out with the hubby and sleeping!

5. Artomatic begins one week from today on Friday, May 29th! I have a few more minor details to take care of and my wall will be done. It is going to be awesome!

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