Monday, May 11, 2009

Building an art space...

Well, the assembly/pretty-ing up of my wall for Artomatic is going well. A huge, mega shout out to Brad for his incredible help. We basically worked from 7-9pm Thursday night (after a full day of work), 6-9:30pm Friday night (after a full day of work), noon-4pm on Saturday and 1-3:30 Sunday. It is incredibly hot and stuffy in the building (no real a/c working yet), with little air movement, not great lighting (especially considering the gloomy weather we've been having), a lack of cold water and a lot of up and down from a ladder. I'm not complaining, just painting a complete picture.

Anyway, Thursday night we spackled. Friday night we primed. Saturday we painted. Sunday we hung lighting and screwed in baseboards. And you know what? It looks AWESOME. After a mini break, we head back in ten days to hang my actual work.

It's coming together. It really is. And I'm both excited and nervous as all get out.

spackling - complete!

priming up a storm

painting done!B hanging lighting

wall - DONE! ready for some art

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