Friday, May 8, 2009

Five for Friday

1. Things are going swimmingly with the ol' Artomatic set up. We spackled last night. Tonight we tackle primer. Tomorrow paint. Sunday lighting. Then mini-vacation to Miami to see Mark. Wohoo!

2. More to come, but for now....

3. It is finally sunny out here in D.C., after like a week straight of rain. I don't know how the people in Seattle do it. They have my admiration.

4. I was up on the Hill for a meeting this morning. It is still weird to roam the halls and not work there any more. I also found that it's weird to actually have to pay attention to what is "visitor access" and what isn't. Turns out that staff badge gets you some pretty nice elevators, hallways and short cuts.

5. Brad started working on a project with FEMA this week. He is so happy. I am happy for him. I also think he's the only person in America who WANTS to work for FEMA.

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R-Boy said...

Hi. I found your blog via a google search for hydrocephalus. I was just diagnosed after 29 years and a random sinus CT scan picked up evidence that I had it. I was trying to find out if there was a hydro walk and I found your blog, I guess you guys organized a walk?

I know only 1 person with hydro, who is doing very well and down in Charlotte. If there's any chance you can talk to me about your experiences, I'd appreciate it. Most that is on the web is negative, and Dr. Williams told me to find some successful people to talk to



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