Monday, October 13, 2008

Who has the BEST husband EVER?

ME :) I got my first year wedding anniversary present early yesterday. And what was it? A new lens for my camera!! A Sigma 10-20mm. That's REALLY wide. Will be awesome for our anniversary trip to Chicago this weekend! More pictures to come, hopefully this evening (of the lens and the pretty box, of course!) Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!. Here's a sneak peak picture I found online:
It's so BIG and HEAVY and WIDE :)

***As promised, some photos of the unveiling. I shall narrate:

reading the card and thinking it might be a lens and saying "You went over the gift price limit!" (secretly getting very excited though!)
my first glimpse of the box
SOOOOO pretty!
my possessive side taking over... cuddling with my new baby (yes, I kind of look like a crazy person, but you would too if you had this lens!)

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