Thursday, October 23, 2008

my new most favorite thing ever

(aka Cloud Gate in Millennium Park in Chicago)
To say that I am obsessed with this fantastic piece of public art is probably the understatement of the century. I first met the Bean on Saturday morning, during our morning tooling around Chicago with a professional photographer who showed me all the best angles and shots in the city (see, told you Brad did this trip up right!). The Bean had a lot of fellow tourists around it, but we instantly connected. I got a few shots, but was generally displeased with the crowds. So I made Brad get up with me at the crack of dawn (literally) Monday morning, so we could share a sunrise with the Bean on our last day in Chicago. The combination of very few people around, my amazing Sigma 10-20mm awesome anniversary gift lens and the yummy morning light made me fall even deeper in love... The result? A LOT of pictures for your enjoyment!

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aaronth said...

Thanks for the early morning tip - great compilation of your Chicago photos here - and congrats on 1yr and the new lens! (I'm getting married in 2months and have the Canon 10-22 so I think I kind of understand how exciting both are!)