Thursday, October 23, 2008

Let them eat cake!

In celebration of our one year wedding anniversary this past Monday, we got out the top tier of our cake which has been hogging up space in our freezer for the past 366 days! It was pretty good, for year old cake. Ok, I take that back. The fondant on the outside was disgusting - really sugary and slimy and stretchy. Yuck. The fruit inside was completely dehydrated. But the filling and cake part was actually ok. Of course, I set up my tripod and got some completely cheese-ball shots of us cutting the cake and feeding it to each other, wedding reception style :)
Just as yummy as on our wedding day (almost)... and sorry about the lousy picture quality!

After cake, it was time for Brad to open his presents! Since the first year traditional wedding anniversary gift is paper, I put together our wedding album for him and also got him personalized stationary. As you previously saw, he got me my lens and our trip to Chicago, which, while not paper related, were pretty awesome.
Traditional one year wedding anniversary gift = paper = our wedding albumTraditional one year wedding anniversary gift = paper = personalized stationary
Thanks to everyone who sent us a card! We got lots of nice ones

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Anonymous said...

dude, what? you guys have been married a whole year? when did this happen? happy belated anniversary, in any event!

did we send a card? and by "we" i mean, the royal we, the editorial.

best wishes on another excellent year of wedded bliss. -shelton

p.s. not to come down on you on your anniversary and all, but I disagree with your second postscript abbreviation in an above caption. you wouldn't say postscriptscript would you? ney, one would have to say postpostscript. thus p.p.s. not p.s.s. - i've struggled with this most of my life and can come to no other rational conclusion.

p.p.s. (see, it works pretty well)awesome anniversary gift from Brad. making me look bad.