Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Walking for a great cause

On Sunday, Brad and I walked in our third Hydrocephalus Association walk. For those of you unfamiliar with hydrocephalus, it's why I have a tube in my head. It's actually a faily common condition in babies, where basically the fluid that your brain sits in doesn't drain from your head properly. So you get a tube put in that drians the fluid down to your chest, heart or abdomon.

This walk always inspires me and makes me feel so lucky. I've had my shunt since I was six months old and have only had one major revision surgery. There were ten year olds at the walks who have had 20 or 30 surgeries and people who are really debilitated by it. At this walk a met a girl who is two years younger than me who just had her very infected shunt actually removed. She basically now has to wait and see if the symptoms of hydrocephalus return and if they do, she has to have a whole new one put in. Oh yeah, the removal surgery was her 25th surgery.

You can find lots more information on the National Hydrocephalus Association website:

Anyway, wanted to share some pictures from the walk, as I was the official "walk photographer." Next year Brad and I are organizing the Washington, D.C. area walk, so get your checkbooks ready - just kidding... sort of ;)

just finished the 5.3 mile walk
This fantastic kids book they had about hydrocephalus and shunts - I wish they had stuff like this when I was young! The amount the young people know about their condition is amazing
group shot (that's Brad's head sticking up in the middle of the back row)
our sponsors
inspiring young people

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