Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Photography Class Assignment #2

First a follow up on last week. Sharing pictures was interesting. There are basically three of us in the class of 16 that are shooting something other than snapshots (I consider these people my competition!). There were literally pictures of people who took pictures of their dog laying in the backyard. Now WHY would you pay for a class to learn about photography and do that? Boggles my mind. There were also people who totally cheated and instead of shooting on manual (admittedly a difficult thing to do), they put their $600 camera on auto and used it as a point and shoot. Again, boggles my mind...

Last class, we learned about depth of field - basically the distance between the back of your camera and the focal point of your subject. I am interested to see everyone's pictures today because much of the class was super confused on the concept and the assignment (while I wanted to bang my head on the desk).

Our assignment was to demonstrate depth of field using both aperture (like blurring the background), zooming in with our camera while remaining in place and walking closer to the subject while having the same focal length on our camera. We'll see if I succeeded. It was kind of a pain in the butt assignment ;)

zooming in while staying in the same place

walking closer

changing aperture

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