Tuesday, June 1, 2010

list 14 - 114 things I love

some previously mentioned... some not :)

1. my husband - clearly
2. cute new shoes that are actually comfy
3. warm beach breezes
4. bold primary colors
5. contrast-y black and white photos
6. Veterans and their families
7. maxi dresses... even though I've only found one in two years that works for me
8. hand-written letters
9. brownie sundaes
10. s'mores
11. long walks on sunny days
12. autumn
13. turtleneck sweaters
14. OSU hoodies at football games
15. fro-ZEN-yo
16. walking the Long Walk hand-in-hand with Brad
17. my family... they're the best
18. malbec
19. chianti
20. pinot noir
21. Facebook
22. laying in soft grass, looking up at a cloudless sky
23. the last line of The Great Gatsby
24. music that makes you want to dance
25. my black pashmina
26. college football
27. Cleveland Indians baseball
28. glass skyscrapers reflecting other buildings
29. Chicago
30. walking on the beach in a long sleeved tee-shirt and shorts
31. jeans and flip flops
32. trains as a mode of transportation
33. reading on the balcony of a cruise ship
34. hot coffee
35. fingerless gloves
36. NYC
37. show tunes
38. playing the piano
39. spontaneous memories from childhood
40. the first few hours after you get a new hair cut
41. finishing a really good book
42. bicep curls
43. pretending that I'm more Southern than I really am
44. pretending that I'm more Italian than I really am
45. big bear hugs
46. calling my grandmother every Sunday afternoon
47. decisions that come from the heart, not the brain
48. ultra-modern hotels
49. random roadside attractions
50. Seattle
51. neon signs
52. a hot pretzel in Times Square from a street cart at midnight
53. my wedding ring
54. blogging
55. unedited photographs
56. backyard kiddie pools
57. Washington Post on-line chats
58. text messages from my BFF's
59. old friends and new friends
60. the idea of Girl Scouts
61. awesome accomplishments at work
62. beach umbrellas
63. my new sandals from Target
64. Target
65. my iPod commuting mix
66. songs you haven't thought of since high school
67. the band Oasis
68. my ever growing list of "must read" blogs
69. talented photographer friends
70. bacon cheese fries
71. a cold Blue Moon
72. driving with the sunroof open (preferably to the beach)
73. key lime martini's in the backyard
74. Plank's thin crust pizza
75. giant neighborhood bookstores (I'm talking to you Book Loft and Elliott Bay Book Company!)
76. nostalgia
77. photos of returning soldiers, sailors and airmen
78. early morning in Old Town
79. the Sunday paper
80. learning new things
81. vodka martini's with a twist
82. the Gap Outlet
83. the Nine West Outlet
84. Bob Evans' biscuits
85. the Pioneer Woman
86. laughter
87. DVR
88. "Modern Family"
89. Monday Night Football
90. Sunday Night Baseball
92. sending flowers to people
93. planning trips
94. massages and pedicures
95. I'm Not Really a Waitress
96. a really good biography
97. when a book makes me cry
98. when a book makes me laugh
99. planning big surprises for Brad's birthday
100. making lists and checking things off
101. typing fast... but not hard
102. Cary Grant
103. "An Affair to Remember"
104. "Sleepless in Seattle"
105. "When Harry Met Sally"
106. Carrie and the gang
107. movie theater popcorn with extra butter
108. the idea of running
109. Conde Nast Traveler magazine
110. Five Guys little cheeseburger and fries
111. hugs and kisses from old friends
112. my first car
113. Pandora
114. sun

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