Wednesday, June 30, 2010

list 18 - things I would say to my 17 year old self

… inspired by Brad Paisley’s song “Letter to Me” and Hula Seventy's list.

1. You are not fat. It’s stupid that you lie about your weight on your driver’s license. Ten years from now, you will look back fondly on the days that you weighed this much.

2. Some stuff is going to happen in the fall of 1999 that will be life changing. Go with your gut – it is right.

3. Study a little harder for your AP European History exam. I know the teacher is awful, but it’ll be one of the last times you take a class in school that you really enjoy.

4. Don’t stop playing the piano, despite what happens at Solo and Ensemble your senior year. Ten years later, when you pick it up again, you will be frustrated at how hard it is.

5. The last day of 11th grade might have been the best day of your life up until now, but just wait... it’s going to get SO much better.

6. The guys you dated in high school were not so great. But guess what? You’ll only have to seriously date one more person before you meet the amazing guy you’re going to marry at a much younger age than you thought you would.

7. Embrace being editor of the yearbook. I know it seems stressful and a lot of work at times, but Ms Robbins will turn out to be a lifesaver and a lifelong friend.

8. Quitting marching band was the right decision.

9. Read all the books you’re supposed to for AP English. You will regret not reading some of them later in life.

10. Don’t worry about not having tons of close friends. Your small group will stick with you through high school and, ten years later, you’ll still be best friends with one of them (but not the one that you think).

11. Not getting into the University of Florida is the absolute BEST thing that has ever happened to you. Trust me.

12. Put that camera you got on the last day of 11th grade to good use. Taking photos will always bring you true joy in life. And writing. Keep writing.

13. Doing horribly chemistry will not negatively affect your life, only your GPA.

14. College is not going to be anything like you think it will be. It will be a completely unique experience that will make you a stronger, more independent adult.

15. They are going to paint your high school tan. Come to grips with this now. It will be startling in the future.

16. You’re going to have great skin when you’re older. You’ll also never wear make up, so don’t feel bad about not wearing it now. But, please, please, please, start wearing daily moisturizer with sunscreen in it!

17. Enjoy this time living in Florida. It will be more short lived than anticipated and one day you will ache for the beach.

18. Go with your gut, always. It has yet to lead you astray.

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