Wednesday, March 17, 2010

list 4 - 28 goals, aspirations, dreams and wishes for the next year

Today is my 28th birthday. Thus, I thought it was only appropriate for today's list to be about what I aim to do, accomplish and dream in my 28th year of life.

1. keep going to the gym. on a regular schedule... that means more than one a week.
2. roll down a grassy hill.
3. participate in another art or photography show.
4. learn how to cook at least five things that I'm really good at and can make from memory.
5. visit somewhere new in the U.S.
6. visit somewhere new internationally.
7. not wear my hair pulled back in a ponytail or bun every day. just 6 days out of 7.
8. tell my family I love them more.
9. tell my friends how much they mean to me more.
10. get a handle on the 10,000+ emails in my personal email account (we won't even talk about how I'm 136% over the capacity limit on my work email...)
11. find a church that I love going to. and actually go.
12. find a book club. or maybe start my own.
13. make a new friend.
14. spread my wings and fly.
15. keep brownie sundaes down to once a month. or maybe once a week.
16. complain less.
17. smile more.
18. make strides toward fitting in my favorite winter white wool pants.
19. enjoy happy hour on a sunny patio more when the weather calls for it.
20. lay off the BlackBerry. especially at dinner. or in bed. or when in the company of others. but probably not in meetings. especially boring ones.
21. be less judgemental.
22. try something that really scares me.
23. read a lot more.
24. write handwritten letters.
25. keep up blogging.
26. not include a note about the weather in every Five for Friday entry.
27. make my family proud.
28. make myself proud.

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Erin said...

Great list! Happy birthday, Christina! Enjoy!!!