Saturday, January 30, 2010

Five for... Saturday

1. Sorry I didn't post yesterday. I was at a two day health conference with a bunch of other health policy wonks. Nothing like spending two days in a windowless hotel basement!

2. Last night, after the conference ended, Brad and I went to the Kennedy Center to see the American Ballet Theater perform "Romeo and Juliette." It was a great performance! I always feel lucky that we have access to such great performing arts in DC, even if DC audiences aren't always the best, or the most appreciative.

3. We got some pretty big snow today. They had forecasted about an inch, so we didn't go to the grocery store or really prepare at all. Turns out we got around 8"! Whoops, so much for that good forecasting. Needless to say, since DC shuts down after about 3" of snow, we didn't leave the house today. If only one of these snowstorms would hit on a workday...

4. Since we were snowed in tonight, we decided to watch a movie - "An Affair to Remember." In addition to lots of swooning over Mr. Cary Grant, the last scene always makes me cry! We even watched the last scene twice tonight because Brad wanted to see it again and I got teary-eyed both times! Such a romantic movie. I think the original 1939 production of "Love Affair" is next on our Netflix list. "Winter must be so cold for those with no warm memories..."

5. It will be a busy week ahead, I can only hope that we can get healthy! We have both been fighting cold bugs/minor cases of the flu/generally feeling lousy for the past 10 days. Hoping to get healthy before we leave for Barbados in a week and a half!

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