Friday, January 15, 2010

Five for Friday

1. The news out of Haiti continues to be pretty grim. I'm running a donation challenge through Christina Saull Photography? I will match, penny for penny, any donation made between now and January 22 to a reputable aid organization. Details here. I realize the economy isn't great, but even a $5 or $10 donation can make all the difference.

2. On a lighter note, this weekend, Brad and I are headed down to Tampa to hang out for the weekend with these nice people (the grandparents-in-law):

The weather is supposed to be a little lousy but, quite frankly, I'll take rain and 70 degrees over wind at 20 degrees any time! I"m jockeying for a trip to Tarpon Springs for some awesome Greek food (mmmm... Hellas!) and/or a trip to some sort of stretch of sand. My toes really miss being in the sand. I'll even take cold beach, like we had last year:

3. My ten year high school reunion is coming up this summer. I am undecided as to whether I should go or not. The website which was set up is corny at best and many of the people who have expressed interest, well, I have no idea who most of them are! My graduating class was 680-ish and I was only really friends with about 100 of them. It just seems like kind of a waste to haul myself and the husband down to Tampa and spend a lot of money on people I didn't really know and/or care about. What do you think? To everyone who tells me to go, I respond with "But I'm friends with all the people I still want to keep in touch with... one person!" They usually change their mind on my attending after that statement. We'll see.

4. While in Tampa, I am really excited to be seeing an old friend from high school. Thanks to the joys of Facebook, he and I have gotten back in touch and I look forward to having lunch with him and his wife. We can talk about all the hilarious antics that us honors kids pulled off... and the shared misery of AP European History. Good times!

5. So they squirrels. HYPOTHETICALLY, the problem is solved (I emphasize hypothetically). They finished trapping early in the week and patched a bunch of holes. Now we begin the fight to get all the insulation in the attic replace since it is mucked up with squirrel what-have-you. Some friends of ours in Ohio are still dealing with their squirrel issue and they were told it could be up to a YEAR! I advised that they seriously need to lay some smack down. Hopefully the whole episode will soon be behind us and I can enjoy sleeping through the night, squirrel free, once again.

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