Friday, December 4, 2009

Five for Friday

1. Brad and I aren't really "movie people," but it looks like there are a ton of good ones coming out soon. The one with George Clooney (hubba, hubba!) "Up in the Air" looks great, and not just because I love to travel. The one with Robert DeNiro "Everybody's Fine"also looks great. In addition, I've heard that "On Education" (a more indie film) is also great. Luckily the weather is getting lousy, so movies are the perfect way to spend a Saturday!

2. Speaking of movies, I feel like it is only appropriate this time of year to queue up those holiday movies and get in the spirit. Brad and I have been watching DVR'd Christmas specials in the evenings when there is nothing else on TV, and I think we might bust out a Christmas movie or two this weekend. Two of my favorites are "Love Actually" and "White Christmas." What's your favorite holiday movie?

3. I think we're going to get our Christmas tree on Sunday. It's always such a process, the picking out, the standing back and judging, looking like you actually know what you're doing. Then wedging the thing into the car, carrying it up four flights of stairs, trying to get it straight in the stand and then not losing all the needles in the process of getting it into the house. THEN, of course, you have to let it fall and warm up for 24 hours before you can even decorate it. Yet, I love having a live tree. My most depressing Christmas's where the ones when I had a fake tree. Think we can top last year's? I do :)
4. It has been a very interesting week at work. Lots of changes going on... It's like they say, the only constant in life is change!

5. So squirrels. We have squirrel(s) living, or at least playing, in our attic. Wildlife Specialist Paul will be stopping by this afternoon to "evaluate the situation" and possibly lay traps. It's good times. I look forward to getting a full night sleep without hearing a squirrel digging into my bedroom ceiling.

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