Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Deck the halls and all that jazz

Last weekend we decked the halls and the balcony and the tree for the holidays. I have to admit that while we were pulling everything down from the squirrel infested attic, I was thinking that it all seemed kind of silly, since we'd have to put it all away in three weeks. But it is nice now to have everything up and to sit in the evening's in the glow of the tree. Some photos from the decorating process:

B decorating the balcony. Horrible pictures, but it was 35 degrees outside and I was not sticking around long enough to make it look pretty!

finished balcony, all decorated
hanging 700 lights on our 8-ish foot tree. I participated in a supervisory role, while watching Monday Night Football from the couch :)
the topping of the tree with the hideous star!

Harold, the Christmas penguin, guards the tree
we love our pretty tree! even the funky top!
some new ornaments for this year...
from our anniversary trip to Seattle ornament from Brad's first Christmas
(several of Brad's old ornaments migrated to our house from his parent's house this year)
Cedar Point trip
finally found a Barbados ornament we liked
Brad in 2nd grade!
last year's White House Christmas ornament

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