Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Big Snow

I admit that last Friday in my Five for Friday, I was skeptical of the snow we were forecasted to get. I was still skeptical when I stopped by the grocery store Friday evening after work to pick up a few things just in case I actually had to cook at home Saturday and Sunday. My skepticism was decreasing only by a bit when the snow started falling around 9pm Friday night. By 3am Saturday morning, when I was awoken to someone snow blowing the sidewalk, I was a believer.

We got a lot of snow this weekend. A lot. 16" at the airport, which is about 0.5 miles from our place. Up to 20" in other places. Crazy snow. As I said to Brad, one of the top five snow's I've seen in my entire life, which isn't saying much since I lived in Florida for seven years.

The worst part was being stuck indoors for three days. Yesterday I finally begged Brad to please walk with me to the awesome chili place about six blocks away. I couldn't take being cooped up in the house any more (not to mention I was getting a little tired of cooking three meals a day!)

The roads are still a mess, such a mess that we probably won't even attempt to drive until we have to go to the airport Thursday morning. I think the real problem is that there is so much snow and just no place to put it. Plus it warms up during the day, melting the snow a little, only to have it refreeze into a sheet of ice at night when the temperatures dip into the 20's.

Regardless, I love snow. Even a lot of it. Even a blizzard-esque lot of it! I love it even more when the federal government is closed, as it was yesterday, giving me a three day weekend. Oh, and a special shout out to Brad, who is bringing me lunch to my office because I don't want to deal with D.C.'s barely shoveled sidewalks. He's the best :)

it begins... errr... continues

kitchen windows with snow stuck between the storm windows and screens

homemade corn chowder for dinner

a beautiful day Sunday morning reveals a heck of a lot of snow!

Brad's car, pre-digging out

car post digging out
(thanks to the awesome neighbors who lent us their shovels!)
a look down the street
my poor car... we figure it will be un-buried by about April

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