Thursday, March 12, 2009

Things I Love

1. The old Brad Paisley song "Famous People"
2. Not realizing how good a picture is until it's up on my computer
3. Knowing exactly how fantastic a picture is as soon as I take it
4. Traveling, writing about traveling, photographying my travels, reading about other peoples travels
5. Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper (hard to find!)
6. Reading in coffee houses
7. Visiting cities I knew I would love (like Florence) and falling in love with cities I had no idea I would become so attached to (like Chicago)
8. My husband, who makes crazy faces just to see me giggle
9. The excited/nervous anticipating that comes with seeing old friends
10. A really good hunk of Italian bread covered in butter

What do YOU love?


Diane said...

I thought you would have mentioned me in this post??!!!

Mindy said...

Oh my, there's so many things I love. Dark chocolate, the way my feet feel after I get a pedicure, snuggling down in my fluffy bed, the perfect light in my backyard in the afternoon, having just the right song come on the radio while driving, and long walks with my husband, to name a few! Great post!

Erin Conrad said...

#5 wouldn't be so hard to find if you worked right across the street from a Sonic. I'm just sayin' :)

I love balloons and sock monkeys and Harry Potter.

Anonymous said...

In regards to your # 7 and general obsession with The Bean:

Hang out until at least around 1:07 - 1:20 or so. A little longer for a great line: "reach for the stars so if you fall you land on a cloud"