Monday, December 15, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Which is probably good, since Christmas is a whooping ten days away (good GRIEF, where does time go? What happened to 2008?).

We have been busy little elves preparing for the holiday. Last Tuesday, we got our tree. Picked it up from the Catholic elementary school run by our church, so it was worth paying a little more for a good cause. It was an easy pick and I love the little, quirky tree we have. Here it is, stuffed in the car, ready to go home:

Only after we got it home and up in the stand, we noticed how funny the top looked:

But with the lights and ornaments, you almost can't tell:

Yesterday, we had our not-quite-annual Cookies and Hot Chocolate holiday party. Basically a good time in the afternoon to relax with friends and nosh on yummy treats. I spent about four hours Saturday morning making chocolate treats for the occassion and Harris Teeter provided the cookies. I think the spread looked pretty good this year:

It included this adorable snowman cupcakes my talented coworker and friend Kristi made (snowman is made out of fondant):

We made a pot of hot water in the kitchen and then people could mix their own hot chocolate and put whatever fixins' they wanted on top (mainly posting this picture because our kitchen is NEVER this clean - props to Brad!)

On Saturday, Brad hit up the local nursery and got us a pretty pointsetta, which is keeping our Ohio State welcome mat company out in the hall (the Santa hat is for effect for the picture, it's usually on Brad's head)

Close up of our front door with our wreath and yellow support the troops bow. I plan on making a bigger yellow bow once the wreath comes down to hang until David gets back from South Korea.

Brad has always wanted candles in the window, so this year I broke down and "let" him get some battery operated candles. This is the view of our family room from the courtyard below:

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