Tuesday, December 23, 2008

a case of the giggles!

My cousin-in-law (still trying to figure out if that's technically correct) originally posted this site on her blog a few days ago. I am just now having a chance to look at it and thank goodness 1. that my office has a door and 2. that there are few colleagues here today because I have a major case of the giggles looking at this blog. It is HILARIOUS! It's basically a blog filled with pictures of horribly decorated cakes with off decorations, misspellings or just general oddness. Consider it a little mindless entertainment for everyone just before the holidays. So stop what you're doing and take five minutes to read Cake Wrecks.

Some examples that are giving me the giggles below:

I love this one for several reasons: 1. Let's Snow?!?! 2. check out the label 3. what is that green stuff in the sky?
ummm.... OH OH OH!!!! Merry Christmas!
lets try to totally not be offensive to anyone! WOHOO WINTER! (the commentary on the site surrounding this cake picture is priceless) and my personal favorite... Congratulations!

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Mindy said...

Glad you enjoyed it! :-) (And I guess cousin-in-law is right...I've wondered the same thing.)