Wednesday, December 10, 2008

30 Things We Love About Washington

As I sit here, waiting for the second of three conference calls of the day to begin, I was flipping through this magazine that somehow ended up on my desk with other mail (it's some freebie magazine for tourists to read... I know this because there are maps in the back!) and found this article, proclaiming the 30 things they love about Washington. I thought I'd share a few and offer my own commentary.

1. Spotting grim "suits" with earpieces, a sure sign that a VIP (political or diplomatic) is passing nearby. - This one surprises me... and especially for it to be #1. Everyone in DC has security detail and I think most Washingtonians would tell you that it's more of an annoyance than anything. Same goes with motorcades, especially the presidential one that stretches no less than two blocks and completely closes off streets... cool the first time, super annoying when you're trying to drive somewhere!

2. Veterans honoring their comrades at the World War II Memorial on the Mall. - I completely agree. This, and the Vietnam Memorial, are the two best memorials to visit because you see real people honoring their friends and loved ones.

3. Chinatown's Friendship Arch, once ethnic landmark, now symbol of Penn Quarter nightlife. - I disagree. I think it's a darn shame we don't have ethnic pockets in this city. What used to be Chinatown is now home to a basketball/hockey area, wine bars and chain retail (and my thoroughly modern office building). Depressing.

4. Checking White House dinner guest lists to see how politics and show biz collide. - I have to say that one of the best things about Brad working in the Administration was him getting guest lists, dinner menu's, etc. It won't be Christmas this year without knowing what the Bush's are having for dinner!

6. Intriguing objects at the International Spy Museum like a KGB "bug" in a shoe. - Also disagree. The Spy Museum (located across the street from my office) is one of the only museums in D.C. that charges admission. It constantly surprises me that there are lines out the door for this place, yet there is so much to take in at the Smithsonian FOR FREE! Go there people, your tax money is paying for it! I will never, ever go to a paying museum in D.C.

7. Parking riverside to watch planes fly in and out of Reagan National Airport. - I agree. This is such a fun experience and a great way to spend an afternoon.

10. Cheering on the Nats in the new stadium... just because we've waited so long for baseball to come home. - I was able to enjoy several Nats games at the new stadium last year and have to say that it's a fantastic facility. Too bad the team stinks and most people at the games cheer for the other team!

13. Exotic and fragrant flowers to lift the spirit inside the US Botanic Garden. - LOVE the Botanic Garden... you may remember I took an orchid photography class there a while back. It's a great, warm, relaxing place!

14. Zooming the city's sidewalks and pedestrian malls atop a Segway. - Gotta disagree again. SO. ANNOYING. They run over innocent pedestrians trying to walk to the Metro after a long day...

24. Grotesques (like Darth Vader) and gargoyles peering from parapets at the Washington National Cathedral. - I agree, this is a fantastic church with so many great details!

25. The Franciscan Monastery, with replicas of Holy Land sites inside the chapel and in a grotto. - This is on my places to photograph because I've never been there. However, I have heard that they have fantastic tulips that sprout up in the spring!

Oh, and good news - my call got cancelled! A free extra hour of my day :)

PS I promise NYC pictures SOON!

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