Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Farmer's Market

Saturday morning when we were in Barbados, we got up ridiculously early (seriously - 5:45am) and drove out to this farmer's market which was plop in the middle of nowhere. It was filled with fruits (which were, unfortunately, being sold prewrapped in bags, which didn't make for great pictures), vendors and Pilebucks, a fake Starbucks which had the best coffee I've had in quite a while. Given my other experiences on the island, the thing that struck me most was that the farmer's market was filled with Americans, Brits, Europeans and Caucasian Barbadians (Bajans, the correct term is apparently debateable) - it was definitely a different mix of people than are usual!

Two vendors particularly interested me: Stephen Bishop, who made these beautiful, textured paintings, and Luna Designs, a jewelry place which makes all their jewelry out of dyed seeds. We bought one of Stephen's pieces to hang in our bathroom and I'm kind of regretting not buying anything from Luna Designs, because their pieces were beautiful! Check it out below:

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