Friday, February 26, 2010

Five for Friday

1. So we're back from Barbados. It was a fantastic trip. Tied with our cruise last August on which was more relaxing - no, wait, our cruise kept me up all night with the rocking of the boat. Dad's guest bedroom didn't rock back and forth. Barbados wins. We had a grand, lazy time: sleeping in; reading on the balcony; bobbing in the clear, aqua water; lunching at the Carib Beach Bar, steps from the ocean. I hope to have some more pictures up later today; for now, I'll leave you with this:

2. Have you been watching the Olympics? They are wrecking havoc on my sleeping habits, but so fun to watch! I think my favorite sport is bobsled. Or ski jumping. Or speed skating. Or curling. Or hockey. Or pretty much all of them :)

3. Speaking of the Olympics, did you hear about the rather inappropriate celebration that followed the Canadian women's hockey team winning gold yesterday? Cigars, beer and champagne, enjoyed by those of age and underage, right on the ice, nearly an hour after the medal ceremony. Certainly this is not the way Canadians want to be represented to the rest of the world? I have met many nice Canadian women and can't imagine that this is a regular thing for most of them. It will be interesting to see what the IOC has to say (although it seems like they're not saying much about anything these Olympics *cough* whiny Yevgeny Plushenko making up a platinum medal *cough*).

4. This morning it was time to head back to the gym in three weeks to work out with my personal trainer. It's amazing how being sick (week 1), a ridiculous amount of snow (week 2), and a relaxing vacation (week 3) can really wreck havoc on your exercise schedule. But it felt awesome to be back in the gym, doing something healthy, and pushing my body just hard enough. Also, apparently I roll my shoulders forward. Must try to improve on this, so if you see me doing it, tell me to sit up straight!

5. As much as I enjoy traveling, I am tickled pink that we will be here in good ol' D.C. for the next five weeks. Will allow us time to recoup, get back into a healthy eating/working out routine and get rested up for the craziness that is our April/May travel schedule!

Happy weekend everyone!!

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