Friday, February 5, 2010

Five for Friday

1. Well, we here in D.C. are doing what one might call hunkering down. See, we're supposed to get anywhere between 18 - 30 inches of snow this weekend. It's going to be a heck of a lot of the white stuff. I worked from home today to avoid the nightmare that commuting into D.C. and back for a few hours of work, but Brad braved it and made it home safely about 30 minutes ago. It has been snowing since about 10:30 and so far we have zero additional inches of snow - it's not sticking to anything! We shall see if the predictions come true...

2. Since we're basically stuck inside for the near future, we have been loading up on DVD's, books, magazines and lots of HGTV. In between solving work issues this morning (hey, cancer fighting doesn't stop just because of a little snow!), I went through our massive collection of framed photographs and mapped out where they're going to be hung around the house. It will probably be art overload, but I love a full wall and it's better than having them sit in a pile in our guest room/office/art storage room.

3. Bright and early Thursday morning, we leave for Barbados. I am confident that we will be dug out (at least partially) by then and that my toes will soon be in white sand. The best part of this trip is that my grandparents will be there for part of the time too! The worst part is that it will probably be out last trip there :(

4. I have to be honest, I'm really skeptical about this snowpocalypse... I mean, I kind of hope I'm wrong, so that we get lots of fun snow, but it just seems disappointing right now. I expect to wake up to a white out tomorrow morning.

5. That's it. Sorry... it has been snow talk 24/7 here, so that's really all that's on the ol' mind. An extremely boring five for Friday. I promise more excitement in two weeks when I'm back from Barbados!

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