Monday, April 27, 2009

a space to call my own

As you have read previously (here and here), I'm doing a big art show in DC at the end of May called Artomatic. On Saturday, I went down to the building where it was held for a quick orientation and to pick out my spot. I found the most perfect space! I'm on an 8x8 wall, the second floor, between the elevators and stairs and my row ends at the women's bathroom ;) I'm the second wall in, but it faces these huge east facing windows, so I get beautiful sunlight.
I'm already full of ideas of what to do with my wall and the 4' in front of it - thinking a little rug, a little table with a book for people to sign up for my email newsletter (note to self: begin writing email newsletter!), maybe a weekly raffle drawing for a free print, and, of course, loads of business cards.

Also, a quick shout out to Paul, my new photographer buddy who has answered all my 50 million questions about Artomatic and has really been a huge help in calming my nerves about this whole thing.

Below are some pictures of my space. Next stop: Home Depot to buy some paint!!

my wall :)

view from the elevator bank - my wall is the first one lit up from the sunshine, immediately to the right of the woman in the middle, standing in front of the column
if you were coming out of the ladies room, this is what you'd see :) My wall is the first sunlit one on the right hand side
what the lighting bracket on my wall will look like

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