Monday, April 27, 2009

a gorgeous church!

Two weekends ago, Brad and I had a "stay-cation" for his birthday. It actually didn't even feel like a "stay-cation," since we pretty much only go into D.C. for work, hardly ever on the weekends (I just can't stand the tourists!) We stayed at a B&B in in the DuPont Circle area. On Sunday, we attended Mass at the cathedral, St. Matthew's. I absolutely adore taking pictures of beautiful churches, so I snuck a few of this gorgeous one.

The plaque where JFK's body rested during his funeral Mass at St. Matthew's. It reads: "Here rested the remains of President Kennedy at the Requiem Mass, November 25, 1963, before their removal to Arlington where they lie in expectation of a heavenly resurrection." Pretty interesting to see. Also, St. Matthew's is where John-John did his famous salute.

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