Thursday, July 3, 2008

Au Revoir

Well, today is my last day in the Congressman's office. I have come to today with very mixed emotions: I'm excited to do something new, but it will be hard to leave my comfort zone and all the awesome people I work with. Not working in the government will be something new for me, since that has all I've done for the past six (!) years. But I am looking forward to a new challenge and working on issues that I'm truly passionate about.

Things I will miss about the Hill:
1. recess
2. my awesome coworkers
3. Pelosi cafe
4. the Capitol Police and the wonderful nurse who always gives me Advil/bandages my cuts, scrapes and burns/monitors my blood pressure/encourages my weight loss attempts and weekly weigh-ins
5. my parking spot

Things I will not miss about the Hill:
1. cubicles
2. interns who don't care (the interns who do care I will miss very much!)
3. Pelosi cafe (very mixed feelings on our current cafeteria situation!)
4. my office issued BlackBerry (again, mixed feelings about this one)
5. evacuation drills/there's a plane coming, run for your life

1 comment:

John Tidwell said...

rest assured that your coworkers miss you too!