Sunday, March 30, 2008

She Knows His Love's in Tulsa..

I'm back from my four day trip to Tulsa. It was a fun city to visit - got lots of good work stuff done, really got to see the entire area (which is rather vast and flat), hang out with some great people, drive down Route 66 and eat lots of fried, bad for you food (Sonic, Quick Trip, Coney Islander... ugh...). I (stupidly) didn't take my camera, which is unfortunate because there is so much cool art deco architecture. So I thought I'd steal a few pictures from my photo savvy coworker so you could get a glipse of Green Country (thanks Tidwell!)

a huge, art deco Methodist church on the edge of downtown
the famous Cain's Ballroom concert hall - a Tulsa treasure!


Erin Conrad said...

You can't forget QT, baby!

Christina said...

how could I have forgotten my awesome QT experience?!