Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Its been a while...

I feel bad that I haven't written in over a month... Things have been very busy. Chief among them: Brad and I went to visit my Dad in Barbados for five days in the middle of February! It was absolutely beautiful! My Dad lives in this beautiful community of apartments and villas, called Port St. Charles, full of yachts, swim up bar's, a yacht club and two beaches.
beaching at Port St. Charles beach
lilly pads outside Port St. Charles
sand dunes in the Caribbean Sea
President Reagan and Mrs. Reagan attended St. James Church when they visited Barbados before and during his presidency (interesting note: this plaque is from the day after Brad was born! April 11, 1982!)
beach shack in Bathsheba, on the Atlantic Ocean side
an old church in Bathsheba (yes, the sky was that blue!)
none of the windows on the island, in my Dad's house or anywhere else, had glass or screens, just these cool shutters
a surfer in Bathsheba
Frog Rock in beautiful Bathsheba

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Callie said...

I love your pictures! You have such a gift with photography. Looks like fun...