Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Florence and Pisa

I think Florence was our favorite city. We had time to bum around on our own for about four hours and we definitely took the city by storm! We visited the Chiesa di Santa Croce, the Duomo (the famous church with the big red dome), climbed to the top of the Duomo bell tower (414 stairs... seriously thought I was going to die!), had some gelato and played tourist on the Ponte Vecchio bridge. I bought a beautiful painting of Tusacany from a nice man on the street and we were happy campers.

Pisa was a bit underwhelming, but definitely a cool place to visit for about 45 minutes.

the Duomo
we climbed, we conquered the 414 stairs up and the 414 stairs down (did I mention dark, narrow, stone steps, people going up and down in the same small space stairwell?)
the view from the top was so worth it though

the famed Ponte Vecchio

Pisa reflections (I think this one is my favorite of the series!)
the Field of Miracles
Pisa lovin

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Mindy said...

Christina, its so cool to see all your pictures. My best friend is living in Italy and just recently went to alot of the places you stopped in--so seeing each place from each of your perspectives is so fun! Tyler has to take me to Europe someday--it looks too pretty to miss.