Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The only constant in life...

The times, they are, a changin'!

I'm happy to announce some big changes, both here & at Christina Saull Photography.

As of today, all fans of:

- funny travel stories
- cheap, good eats at far off destinations
- tips on how to squeeze three weeks of clothes into a carry on bag
- musings about the travel industry
- Christina Saull Photography

should head over to my new blog, View from the Middle Seat.

I will continue to post on this blog; however, I will not be cross-posting. Meaning: if you read it here, you won't read it there. If you read it there, you won't read it here. This blog will become more of a personal, family & friends blog, with a continuation of some of my favorite weekly posts, including Five for Friday & Recipe Tuesday.

I am excited to take my blogging in a new direction & hope that you all will continue along with me on this journey!

Sending all the best,

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