Friday, January 21, 2011

Five for Friday

1. I have a squirrel update, but I'm too exhausted to post it. Lets just say that the problem is still there and I came face to face with it today. And it's gross. It makes me want to move. And take a shower.

2. Have you been reading View from the Middle Seat? If not, then you've missed: my witty thoughts on customer service in Barbados restaurants, a post on the most awesome interior design store ever, and why I'm on a first name basis with one of our founding fathers.(Is founding fathers capitalized?) Also, if you read my blog, you should officially follow it - I'm giving away free 5x7 prints to the first five followers and every 10th follower after that!

3. Have you been following View from the Middle Seat on Twitter at @MiddleSeatView. If your answer is no, you're probably beyond help at this point.

4. In extremely sad news for my sweet-tooth (but great news for my wallet and muffin top) our favorite custard store in Alexandria, the Dairy Godmother (our current president is also a fan), is closed for a month. Something about sales being slow due to the winter, needing to defrost freezers, take a vacation, blah blah blah. We anxiously await the reopening on February 10. I'm thinking Malia, who wisely chose the brownie sundae during their visit two years ago, will be in line with us.

5. I realized that I never posted some fun family photos from our Christmas trip to Barbados. So see below. We will be back in Barbados in 50 days. Not a moment too soon.
Washing off feet after the beach. Notice all the beach essentials: W's book, local beer, floppy hat
Dad and David at Animal Flower Bay - an amazing place on the island
lookin' good!

Touring the George Washington house. Don't we all look excited? (It actually was a great tour)

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