Wednesday, September 8, 2010

list 23 - things that kicked butt on our vacation

(a teaser of more blog posts to come!)

1. sea kayaking in the Atlantic Ocean (such an obvious response for #1)
2. being totally unreachable by the outside world for nine days
3. fresh Maine lobster
4. the zoo of towel animals we had going in our stateroom by the end of the cruise (that would be a monkey, elephant, stingray & ram/dog)
5. ordering a sugar-free & regular dessert every night, enjoying a bite of each & comparing the two
6. 65° in August
7. seeing the matching, perfectly lined up graves of the Titanic victims
8. climbing on the rocks in Peggy's Cove
9. awesome cannoli's at Mike's Pastry in Boston
10. holding a live lobster
11. Maine wild berry ice cream in Kennebunkport (I do realize that more than several of these have to do with food...)
12. Captain Espen Been
13. hearing about our waiter's wife & children back in India
14. gorgeous sunsets over the north Atlantic
15. my husband in a tux
16. the beautiful Boston Public Gardens
17. awesome salmon at McKelvies in Halifax
18. how surprisingly nice Halifax was
19. jeans & sweatshirts in August (really, the weather couldn't be beat)
20. quaint architecture in St. John, New Brunswick
21. being called "young person" a lot... made me feel better about getting carded at a restaurant the other day
22. calm seas
23. finishing an entire book
24. taking 1100 pictures
25. some good, quality time with Brad, sans BlackBerry

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