Thursday, September 2, 2010

Kennebunkport, Maine

I forgot to blog yesterday. Oops. How about a double dose today to make up for it?

Kennebunkport, Maine is one of the most charming places on earth. You can just feel the cute, the wealth, the "New England-ness," the love of the sea & the spray of the ocean air.

During our trip last month, we spent on afternoon in Kennebunkport. On the way there, we drove through Kennebunk & Kennebunk Beach (both equally charming).

Once we got there, we hopped on a lobster boat for a sail down the Kennebunkport River & out into the ocean where we got an up close view of Walker's Point, where President George H.W. Bush & the Mrs. reside during the summer months. We also got to see a lobster trap up hauled up & got to hold a live lobster. If that's not living it up on vacation, I'm not sure what is!

Following our little sail, we walked around the Dock Square, popping in & out of quaint shops filled with Christmas ornaments, candles, tee-shirts & kitsch. We stopped by "Maine's smallest ice cream shop" (it was quite tiny, just a small window) & had some fantastic Maine wildberry ice cream, before eventually making our way to the most touristy shop of all, where Brad picked up a "Kennebunkport 41 43" hat (that would be President George H.W. Bush (#41) & President George W. Bush (#43) for you non-politicos).

As we headed out of town back to Portland, we took one last swing by Walker's Point (trivia note: Grandpa Walker purchased the land many years ago for a whopping $20k) & the extravagant country club next door which was hosting a wedding. It's a place we both said we would love to vacation in, but honestly know that we would never be able to afford to do it right. Besides, the thought of Brad walking around with a popped collar on his polo shirt all summer is enough to make me lose my lunch.

Pictures coming in the new few posts....

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Diane said...

I love Kennebunkport!! We went a while back while we still lived out east and I would love to go again!