Monday, October 12, 2009

Five for... Monday!

I figured I could cheat this week, since we'll be traveling this Friday, so I won't get to do a post. Plus I was in a lousy mood last Friday, and who really wants to read a blog from a crabby person? Good news is that the mood is great today, so here we go...

1. Last Friday I made a healthy dinner for Brad and my friend Laura who came over. I was super impressed with my Hungry Girl Stuffed Chick Cordon Bleu. If you're not familiar with the Hungry Girl, I highly recommend you sign up for her emails ASAP. She has great healthy recipes, teaches you how to make unhealthy recipes healthy and tells you what not to eat when you eat out and what not to buy (and what to buy!) at the grocery store.
Just look at these chicken stats:
normal, unhealthy chicken cordon bleu:
serving size: ONE chicken breast
calories: 426
total fat: 23g
sodium: 852mg (in ONE prepared chicken breast!!!)
carbs: 16g

super duper, healthy chicken cordon bleu I made:
serving size: one chicken breast
calories: 222
fat: 4.5g
sodium: 692mg (still highish, but it's hard to find low sodium ham!)
carbs: 2g

2. Yesterday, we joined the 21st century and bought a new TV. A 42" Panasonic plasma TV is now awaiting my friends at Comcast to come install the HDTV DVR (we upgraded to DVR too... really a banner day for us). Brad was over the moon to purchase a new TV, while I really didn't care one way or another. I think it will be nice to have a big TV to watch football on though :)

3. On Friday, Brad and I leave DC to begin our great six day trip across the U.S. One highlight of this trip will be celebrating our second wedding anniversary in Seattle. The other highlight will be traveling to Minneapolis to celebrate my great-grandmother's 100th birthday! She is a pretty awesome lady, who still lives on her own, and is probably in better health than I am. My middle name is named after her (Frances), so while I have always taken a lot of crap from people for having a "weird" middle name, I don't mind a bit! While we're in Minnesota, we'll get to see my Dad, who is flying in from Barbados, and my aunt, cousin and second cousin (I guess that's what she is? my cousin's daughter... no idea what that branch of the family tree is called) and my wonderful grandparents. A picture of my beautiful Great-Grandma Frances last year at Thanksgiving:

4. Did you know that if you want to put someones 100th+ birthday on the Today Show for Willard Scott to announce, you have to do it six months in advance? Totally bummed me out when I discovered that yesterday. You'd think that when someone is pushing 100, they would allow a little flexibility!

5. As I have many times previously mentioned, we're headed out to Seattle next week. We fly back Wednesday night on a red eye, leaving Seattle at 11pm, arriving in Detroit for our connection at 6:10am, and arriving back in DC at 8:30am. After that, I am going to attempt to go to work. I'm not sure how this is going to work. I'm a nervous flier on a good day and my inability to sleep on airplanes is quite well documented. Heck, this is the girl who stayed up the entire overnight flight back from Europe because I was paranoid there was something wrong with the flap on the wing! I tried to upgrade our seats for this leg of the trip to first class, thinking any amount of my 37,000 frequent flier miles plus a few hundred dollars would be worth it, only to find out that our tickets are a "non-upgradeable fare class." Um, yeah. So any plane sleeping tips would be very much welcome!

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